5th Muharram - Hur Joins the Holy Imam

Hazrat Hur bin Yezid at-Tamimi al-Yarbu'i was a career officer in the Kufa army. When Hussain bin Numayr, the commander at al-Qadisiya, learnt that Imaam Hussain and his entourage were getting very close to Kufa he dispatched Hur with a detachment of 1,000 men to intercept Imaam.

On the night of Ashura, Hur was very restless. He could hear the children in Imaam Hussain's camp cry because of thirst. He began to think "What have I done?. Why did I put the son of Fatimah in this position? Will Allah ever forgive me?". He could not sleep the whole night. Within him there was a struggle between his duty as a soldier and his Islamic conscience. Just before dawn he made up his mind.

Hur, his son and his slave rode over to Imaam Hussain's camp. Hur threw himself at Imaam Hussain's feet, pleading for his forgiveness. Imaam Hussain took Hur in his arms and said, "Hur, I forgive you. I assure you that my grandfather, the Holy Prophet also forgives you".

Hur then asked Imaam Hussain for permission to go and fight the enemies of Islam. Imaam Hussain said "Hur, you are my guest. How can I let you die for me?". Hur insisted. Hur went to the battlefield, and after a valiant fight, he fell and was killed. His son and the slave were also killed.

Hur's example moved nearly thirty other soldiers to defect to Imaam Hussain, where the only reward to be had was certain death, but where Allah's pleasure lay.

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