6th Muharram - AUN AND MUHAMMAD

Aun and Muhammad were the sons of Bibi Zainab. They had not accompanied Bibi Zainab when she left Madina with Imaam Hussain A.S. Just before Imaam Hussain started his journey from Mecca, Hazrat Abdullah ibne Jaffer brought his two sons to Mecca and handing them over to Imaam Hussain said, "Ya Imaam, since you have decided to go and will not allow me to come with you, please take my two sons with you. Aun will represent his maternal grandfather Hazrat Ali A.S. and the other will represent his paternal grandfather Hazrat Jaffer-e-Tayyaar".

On the night before Ashura Bibi Zainab said to them, "My sons, tomorrow there will be a battle. I can not ask you to fight because you are young. But if anything happens to Imaam Hussain, while you are still alive, I will be filled with shame."

Both the boys stood up and said "Mother, we have the blood of Ali and Jaffer in our veins. Our grand fathers were warriors whose fame will always be remembered. Do you think we can possibly shame them? More over we are the pupils of Uncle Abbas. Mother, unless you forbid us and stop us from fighting, we shall go to the battlefield and show the enemies of Islam how bravely the children of Islam can fight. All we want from you is a promise that you will never weep for us. Or souls will never rest in peace if you grieve for us after we are gone"

The two boys rode out into the battlefield. They fought bravely. At one point Umar ibn Sa'ad asked, "Who are these two youngsters? They fight like I have seen Ali ibne Abu Taalib fight." When he was told who they were he ordered his soldiers to give up single combats and surround and kill the boys. Aun and Muhammad were attacked from all sides. Soon they were over-powered and brutally killed. Imaam Hussain and Hazrat Abbas carried the two young bodies to a tent and laid them on the floor. Imaam walked to Bibi Zainab's tent. He found her in sijdah praying, "Ya Allah, I thank you for accepting my sacrifice. My heart is filled with pride because my two sons have given their lives for your religion."

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