Birth anniversary of Imam Muhammad Al-Baqir (AS) - 1st Rajab

The beginning of the month of Rajab opens with the birth celebration of a noble personality who would later be known as “Baqir al-Uloom” or the “Splitter of Knowledge". These titles are obviously in reference to his never-ending struggles to elucidate and spread the teachings of Islam to countless individuals. The person whom we are referring to is the fifth Divinely appointed light to guide humanity from the darkness of ignorance into the light of true faith and knowledge and is none other than Imam Muhammad the son of `Ali Zaynul Abideen (peace be upon them).

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Shahadat of 10th Imam Ali an-Naqi (A.S.) - 3rd Rajab

The period of Imamate of our 10th Imam coincided with the decline of the power of the Abbasid Empire. They were threatened by the Turks and had to move the Capital from Baghdad to Samarrah. He was only 6 years old when his father Imam Muhammad Taqi (AS) was martyred in Baghdad when poisoned by Mu'tasim Billah Abbasi.

Our Imam lived in Madina for the remaining 8 years of the reign of Mu'tasim and 5 years of the reign of Wathiq Billah.

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What is Islam?

Islam is one of the major world religions. Every fifth person on the face of this earth is a Muslim. Muslims are found in the Middle East, in north, west and east Africa, in Asia and Eastern Europe. In modern times, Muslims are found in large numbers in Western Europe, the Americas and Australia through immigration as well as conversion. Recent statistics show that Islam is the fastest growing religion in the USA. With the vast world turning into a "global village," such a wide-spread religion followed by over a billion people indeed deserves a careful study

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